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Braised Beef with Brown Sauce

Materials: a piece of beef, salad oil and salt in appropriate amount, a small piece of ginger, garlic in appropriate amount, 2 star anises, a pinch of Chinese prickly ash, a piece of cassia, dry red pepper, cooking wine, slight soy sauce and white sugar in appropriate amount, 1 amomum tsao-ko, 4 pieces of myrcia, some Pixian County bean pasta, five spices powder in appropriate amount, 5g scallion  
1.Wash up the beef, put into boiling water, then add cooking wine, until boiled, drain away the water, cut into small dices. 
2.Put appropriate oil into a pan, heat, and then add the scallion, ginger and garlic.
3.Put in the diced beef, stir until dryPut in Pixian County bean pasta, stir until fragrant, 
4.Then season with sugar, cooking wine, five species powder, star anises, amomum tsao-ko and cassia, stir until well combined.
5.Pour in boiled water the beef soaked in, then put them into a pressure cooker, compress for 20 minutes.

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