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Fried Shredded Beef with Bitter Gourd

Materials:1 bitter gourd, 200g sirloin, salad oil and salt in appropriate amount,2 pieces of ginger, 3 garlic cloves, 20ml cooking wine, 20ml light soy sauce, 5g starch, 1 red cluster pepper
1. Cut the ginger into shreds, crush the cloves; cut the red cluster pepper into chunks.
2. Put some ginger shreds and a tablespoon of cooking wine into the shredded sirloin (which needs to be shredded with cross knife), mix with hands to make the sirloin fully be absorbed.
3. Then season with a spoon of slight soy sauce, continue to pinch with hands until fully absorb.
4. Add starch. Every time adding the condiment(s), keep on pinch with hands until fully absorb.
5. Put in a spoon of cooking oil, repeat the same way with hands until fully absorb, stay for 10minutes.
6. Cut the bitter gourd in half; remove the seeds, cut into slices of 1cm thick. 
7. Put 1/2 spoon of salt into the sliced bitter gourd, clutch slightly, pour the leaked water out, which could lighten the bitterness of the bitter gourd.
8. Put in appropriate water, boil with high heat, blanch for a moment again and remove, during that time drop in a little cooking oil.( in this way the green color of the bitter gourd will be kept well.)
9. Put some cooking oil into the pan; add shredded ginger, crushed clovers, chopped red cluster pepper, stir until fragrant.
10. Then stir fry the cured shredded beef with high heat until the color changes, remove.
11. put a little cooking oil into another clean pan, stir fry the bitter gourd, then put in the quick-fried shredded beef, continue to stir for a moment, then season with appropriate slight soy sauce and salt, stir until well combined.

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