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Company Profile公司简介
The predecessor of Zhenjia Food is the First Meat Processing Plant in Liangshan County, which was originally founded in 1986. When moving to the new factory area in 2003, the company was set up and such items as the workshops, facilities, production technologies, etc. were fully upgraded, so as to finish a fascinating turnaround towards its development of modern meat products. The company covers 40,000 m2, with 320 employees. It has been awarded the titles of “National Poor-Supporting Corporate Champion” and “Agricultural Industrialization Corporate Champion of Shandong Province” successively, as well as passed HACCP Quality Management System Certification and ISO22000 Food Safety Management Certification.
The company is customer-oriented to develop the red meat production and processing, and strives to develop the standardized livestock farming at full blast, which promotes the development of the livestock farming, so as to increase the incomes of local farmers. The company keeps improving the processing technologies and enhancing the production and processing capacities, and strictly controls the product quality, so as to perfect the production and processing day by day. The chilled, frozen cut beef produced by the company is sold well in both of the domestic and foreign markets, with the output and export topping the list in Shandong Province for 6 years successively. The company has been appointed as the material supplier by some large-sized food / catering enterprises, such as McDonald’s, Mr. Lee, etc., even selected to be the assigned supplier for the 11th National Games and Shanghai World Expo.
With the spirits of “Credibility, Modesty, Diligence, Gratefulness”, in accordance with the idea of “pursue excellent quality and provide humans with healthy food”, the company devotes itself to providing the customers with the high-quality products & careful services and wish to perform its responsibilities of corporate citizen thereby to promote the harmonious development of society.

Address from the President董事长致辞
Under the care and support of friends from all levels of government and all trades, Zhenjia Food, with abundant resources and the advantage of advanced production technique, is grounded on the international and domestic markets, expands to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain actively, and progressively develops into a modern enterprise producing meat product and combining the livestock farming with the production & processing and marketing. 
Zhenjia Food was registered as a company in 2003. Through 9 years’ experience and toughening, it has been grounded on the domestic and even the international competitive platform; though confronted with many competitors with great superiorities in capital, technology and management, it will use the new dynamic and more perfect management mechanism with the new ideas to face the new challenges and realize the real rise and constant prosperity of Chinese meat product industry.
Zhenjia Food will grasp the historic opportunity of accelerated integration of Chinese meat product industry, speed up the industrialization, cultivate and protect the high-quality beef categories, expand the cultivation scale, improve the brand value with all our efforts, develop new categories based on the customer demand as our orientation, focus on the market promotion of brand value cognition and broaden the new thought for agricultural industries.
Zhenjia Food will make every effort to realize the value maximization for our customers, employees and shareholders, and take full responsibility for the society.
Finally, I’m really grateful to all friends supporting Zhenjia’s development from the bottom of my heart!

Shandong Zhen Jia Food Import and Export Co., Ltd
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